Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth Appointments

  • December 6, 2023
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Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth Appointments

2020, the introduction to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the year the world changed forever. QR codes replaced checkout staff at restaurants and cafes, surgical masks became the new fashion statement, and a standard doctor’s visit couldn’t be had without first taking a Covid test to prove that you’re just the regular kind of sick, not the other kind.

While we all dream of travelling back in time to before the pandemic, before these worldwide changes, the truth of the matter is that Covid-19 revolutionised the world. Especially the healthcare industry.

Telehealth | Northside Gynaecology

What is Telehealth?

Although Telehealth has been around for many years, utilising it to its full potential during Covid-19 revolutionised the healthcare industry, changing the lives of thousands of patients across Australia. It first started as a way to provide patients living in rural areas with the medical advice they needed without the extensive travel and wait time. When the Covid-19 Pandemic began, Telehealth was used to provide consultations to patients who were experiencing Covid-19 symptoms and were unable to leave their homes.

Now, Telehealth continues to be used to help patients who are unable to make it to their appointment for any reason, saving them precious time in their day. These appointments can be done via phone or video chat methods and are typically used to provide patients with medical advice, education, and even prescriptions via email when required.

What Makes Telehealth So Great?

The team at Northside Gynaecology work with you to provide care when and where you need it, offering Telehealth appointments when appropriate. The many benefits to Telehealth appointments will forever change the way you see your specialist:

  • Reduced wait and travel time. You don’t need to block out your entire day, or even half your day, for the appointment. By booking a phone consultation, you won’t even need to worry about travelling to the medical practice and sitting in a waiting room. If your specialist calls you later than scheduled, you can go about your day until the phone rings.
  • Improved quality of care and faster diagnosis. Due to the reduced wait time, and the fact that phone calls are significantly faster than ushering patients in and out of a busy medical practice, you’re less likely to wait longer than necessary for your medical diagnosis. This also helps your specialist to focus more on you and your needs rather than only ensuring they get through all the waiting patients.
  • Flexible availability. Most medical practices are only open Monday – Friday, just like everyone else’s workplaces. If someone needs a regular checkup, or needs to drive a loved one to their appointment, they have to take time off work, leading to a loss of income and workplace productivity. With Telehealth, you can schedule your appointment at a time that suits you without interrupting your workday, such as your lunch break.
  • Shorter appointment length. Your specialist can continue to provide beneficial care to you outside of your appointment time. Rather than sitting in the room while they organise your prescription, collaborate with specialists and health professionals on your behalf, or write relevant letters, they can do this after the appointment while you can continue living your best life.
  • Contact between face-to-face appointments. Due to Telehealth consults being significantly shorter than face-to-face consults, there is an increased opportunity for you to contact your specialist between their in-person appointments, guaranteeing less wait time for you, and more patients seen by healthcare providers.

While Telehealth appointments are quick and convenient for the patient, the team at Northside Gynaecology work tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver quality care. We organise and provide you with any relevant referrals and scripts, as well as utilising the wealth and knowledge that a team of specialists provides to collaborate for optimal patient results. We work had to ensure a smooth service that suits your unique situation, making appointments easy and convenient for you. If you have questions about our processes or billing, talk to our friendly staff when booking your appointment.

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