A Holistic Approach To Women’s Health – Looking After Number One!

  • September 20, 2017
  • Women's Health

A Holistic Approach To Women’s Health – Looking After Number One!

We live in a fast paced world and as women tend to look after those important to us ahead of ourselves. Women’s Health Week, which ran from 4-8 September, is designed to remind us how important it is for women to put themselves first. We are no good to anybody else if we are not healthy.

Northside Gynaecology recognises the importance of a holistic approach to women’s health; ensuring changing needs are addressed and overall quality of life is achieved, improved and maintained. With that in mind, access to the latest therapies, technology and a support network to deal with and manage your female concerns is just a phone call away.

Women of Brisbane, it is time to look after number one!

Here is a list of common health concerns that busy women of all ages shouldn’t ignore. Not all health issues are openly discussed, but maybe it’s time we did. After all, when we stay healthy we benefit not only ourselves, but our loved ones too.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal atrophy also known as vaginal dryness is more common than you may have thought. In fact, over 40% of menopausal and post-menopausal women notice a loss of lubrication which can result in itchiness, burning sensations and even pain during intercourse. It is not surprising then that these symptoms can result in both an emotional and physical impact and lead to disharmony in relationships.

The good news ladies, is that there are many treatments available to assist alleviating these symptoms. The newest non-surgical Mona Lisa Touch procedure is a very effective treatment tool.

In keeping with a holistic approach to well-being, this simple 5-minute treatment works to deliver heat to the vaginal tissue, stimulating tissue regeneration that creates the natural lubrication.

Abnormal pap smear

Yes, it’s one of those awkward tests every woman over the age of 21 should have every 2 years. The Papanicolaou test, also known as the pap test or pap smear is an effective means of screening the cervix with an aim to detect the early onset of cancerous cells. As uncomfortable as this quick and simple test may be, it can be the wake-up call you need.

A result that indicates an abnormal pap smear isn’t necessarily bad, but suggests cells collected do not look normal. A regular routine smear test and early detection can be a lifesaver. Whilst it is very common to feel anxious about the test itself and an abnormal result, it’s important to be aware that less than one per cent of abnormalities are cancer.

Make this the time you schedule a test. You’ll be happy you did.


Have you ever suffered from a painful period or deep pain in the pelvic area and shrugged it off as being simply part of your menstrual cycle?

Whilst this can very well be the simple truth, you could be one of 10% of women suffering from Endometriosis. Women rarely have time to stop and despite the uncomfortable condition, never seem to let it interfere with work and other family activities. However ongoing concerns shouldn’t be ignored.

Endometriosis is very common in women presenting with painful periods, painful intercourse or having fertility issues. Whilst there is no clear cause, presenting symptoms can be there for years before a disgnosis is reached.

Women tend to be on the front foot when it comes to visiting a doctor about their health, however sometimes pain endurance levels are that high that sharp cramps that come and go may often be considered menstrual cramps and ignored. Chronic pelvic pain is a common condition-affecting women and can severely impact our quality of life. Felt below the abdomen, pain may come on suddenly and be excruciating or a dull seemingly never-ending pain that ends up being debilitating.

Suffering in silence isn’t the best approach especially when there are ways and means of systematically exploring the causes and working to identify treatment options. Keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) can be performed to diagnose and if treatment is needed, there are effective options to eliminate painful symptoms.

Ladies, it is time to take the first step to a holistic approach to women’s health. Northside Gynaecology is an all women’s gynaecology practice in Brisbane, here to answer all of those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. To book an appointment in any one of our 3 convenient locations, call 07 3054 4687

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