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Alia Cabisidan


Alia is a compassionate and dedicated nurse at Northside Gynaecology who provides patients with high-quality, empathetic care.

From a young age, Alia knew she wanted a career in healthcare. Nursing, with its unique combination of direct patient care and clinical involvement, was the perfect fit. Her innate desire to help others enables her to provide effective and compassionate care to those in need.

Throughout her career, Alia has gained extensive experience in primary care settings, equipping her with comprehensive knowledge and communication skills to meet unique needs. As a primary care nurse, Alia worked in health promotion, disease prevention, immunisations, and chronic disease management, supporting patients of all ages and backgrounds. Part of her love for primary care came from the large breadth of skills required and the genuine, lasting relationships she built with her patients through continuous care.

Alia’s passion for women’s health emerged early in her nursing career, leading her to work in this sphere. The intricacies of the female reproductive system fascinated her, and as she gained more experience in the field, she recognised the silence surrounding many women’s issues; women often don’t discuss their health challenges and suffer silently instead. This realisation inspired Alia to speak up about these unspoken topics. She aims to empower women, encouraging them to openly discuss their health concerns and helping them live their most fulfilling lives.

As a women’s health nurse at Northside Gynaecology, Alia performs MonaLisa Touch laser therapy. Witnessing the profound impact MonaLisa Touch has had on countless women suffering from persistent symptoms, Alia became a passionate advocate for this accessible procedure, working to improve women’s confidence and quality of life.

Alia firmly believes in empathy and active listening, recognising their crucial role in caring for vulnerable individuals. She is also a team player and works with others to achieve positive outcomes. Furthermore, her adaptability – developed during the COVID season – underscores her resilience and dedication to providing excellent care, regardless of the situation.

Alia’s wide expertise, empathy, and advocacy ensure that her patients receive quality medical care and unwavering support and empowerment.

Alia Nurse

Expertise & Special Interests

  • Women’s Health
  • Nursing
  • MonaLisa Touch
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