Our Specialised Exercise Physiologist &
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Nicole Saxby

BSc Physiotherapy, BPEM, APAM

Nicole Saxby is qualified as both a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist, and joined Her Wellness Clinic to share the benefits of exercise rehabilitation.

Drawing from her own experiences as a member of the Australian Ballet School, Nicole realised that the extensive and comprehensive ballet training from an early age, made her acutely aware of human physiology, and the benefits attached to exercise rehabilitation.

At Her Wellness Clinic, Nicole will use her extensive knowledge and experience to incorporate exercise as medicine for a range of conditions women face during the different stages of ageing.

The role of the exercise physiologist will be to provide exercise recommendations for patients living with osteoporosis, dealing with weight management, PCOS, and many more. Patients will be given an exercise plan developed to suit their own preferences, goals, and pre-existing health concerns or injuries.

Together with a bespoke health and education plan, to accompany the training and weight management, Nicole will also assist with pelvic floor exercise when and where required.

Nicole Saxby is a key member of the Her Wellness team, and together with our gynaecologist, physiotherapist, and MLT nurse, will deliver a unique skillset that offers the complete holistic treatment package for our patients.

Nicole Saxby | Specialist Exercise Physiologist | Her Wellness Clinic | Northside Gynaecology | Brisbane

Expertise & Special Interests

  • Women's Health
  • Pelvic Health
  • Fitness
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