Is Urinary Incontinence Curable?

Urinary incontinence (the loss of bladder control) can be a major problem in any woman’s life. Fortunately, over 80% of women who are treated for urinary incontinence are either cured, or significantly improved after treatment.

If you feel like a weak bladder is interrupting the flow of your daily activities, we can help. With the right treatment, your quality of life can be restored, and urinary incontinence can become a thing of the past.

Some Common Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence

Although there are many symptoms of urinary incontinence, the main symptom is a lack of bladder control. Women with urinary incontinence often report urine leaking when they laugh or sneeze heavily. Others complain that their bladders will feel “suddenly full” and that they’ll barely make it to the bathroom in time. It’s important to note that this is not a case of “holding it too long”. This is when urine simply leaks out during normal times of the day, whether you have to go or not.

If you experience symptoms like these, it’s important to find out what’s causing them. Especially considering how quick, easy and effective the treatments are.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

The most effective treatment for stress related urinary incontinence is a simple 30-minute procedure, called the mid-urethral sling. This procedure involves inserting a small, flexible sleeve into the mid-section of the urethra. The sleeve provides great support to the muscles surrounding the urethra, and in 80% of procedures, cures the patient of the stress incontinence.

Most importantly, you should know that in some cases, urinary incontinence is a symptom of a larger, more serious health related condition. The sooner you find out what you’re dealing with, the safer you’re going to be from future problems. Contact Northside Gynaecology today.

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