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We understand that accounts is another important factor to most people when needing to see a specialist. That’s why we make every effort to get all information so we can give patient’s full disclosure of their likely costs for consultations, in room treatments and also surgical costs.

Below we will explain some of the things you may need to know when it comes to costs associated with your medical treatments, from Medical Insurance, Gap Schemes and Bulk Billing.

Northside Gynaecology - Payment Options

When you come to visit with on of our gynecologists for the first time you will be charged for an initial consultation.  Payment of your initial consultation is payable on the day, and we do have eftpos facilities.  We will then claim your rebate back from Medicare for you.

Any further consultations will be a subsequent consultation fee and also rebatable from Medicare.

One of the most common questions we get asked is if there is a rebate available from Private Health Insurance. There is no rebate for in-rooms consultations as your private health insurance is there for admission into a private hospital.

In-Room Procedures
It is important that you let us know the reason why you are coming and our staff will always ask you this question.  The reason for this is that some conditions can be treated in rooms at your consultation. If this is the case we can then let you know what the likely cost is going to be. We can also give you information on the procedure and any preparation you might require beforehand.  This also allows us to allocate the right amount of time to you for your appointment.

For the full information on MonaLisa Touch procedures please contact us or you can request information on this procedure.

What Does My Health Fund Cover?
Your private health insurance will only come into effect if you have to have surgery in a Private hospital. If you do need surgery then we will provide you with an informed financial consent that will advise you of any out of pocket costs and the team associated with your surgery.

Known Gap Scheme
If you have Medical Insurance with a private health fund we will make every effort to participate in your health funds known gap scheme (where they have these). Again, you will be fully advised of the likely costs. Not all Medical insurance companies have gap scheme’s or have restrictions on them depending on the type of insurance and type of surgery. Confusing isn’t it! Don’t worry, if you need this it’s easily explained for your situation.

Any patient that does not understand their surgical costs must always clarify with the staff.

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