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At Northside Gynaecology we understand how difficult it is to find time to learn about new techniques and innovations in the industry. We can arrange at your request to have our gynaecologists come out to visit your practice at a time convenient to you. Please contact our Practice Manager, Kristy Howell to request this.

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Our doctors are happy to provide direct mobiles to any GP’s or Referring Practitioners wanting advice and information.

These cells form a type of tissue called ‘endometrium’. Endometrium responds to hormonal changes that happen as part of the menstrual cycle. It’s the tissue that thickens, breaks down and bleeds when you have your period. The problem is, during your period, endometrium usually leaves the body through the vagina. But when it’s growing elsewhere in your abdomen, it has nowhere to exit the body. So instead it thickens, bleeds, becomes inflamed and painful, and then heals. Over time, this cycle creates scar tissue, and can cause reproductive organs to stick together or to the abdominal wall. The result is often very long and painful periods, and sometimes debilitating pain at other times of the month too.

This condition can be difficult to diagnose, because it presents differently in different women. Endometriosis can also appear in a variety of forms depending on where it is occurring and which organs it’s affecting. Sometimes, women suffering from endometriosis aren’t even aware of it until they try to have a baby, and have trouble conceiving. Endometriosis can make getting pregnant difficult for up to 50% of women with the condition.

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