Hospital Admission

Your Procedure And Hospital Stay

Once your surgery has been decided on, our practice staff will advise you of the details on your admission to Hospital. It is necessary for you to register your admission at the relevant hospital.

We have provided the links for you to access the hospitals below:

North West Private Hospital

Admissions can be completed online

Caboolture Private Hospital

Admissions information can be found online


Northside Gynaecology will provide:

  • Surgery Confirmation Letter – detailing your admission, fasting times, anaesthetist and instructions on what to do.
  • Informed Financial Consent – every effort is made to provide you with the Estimate of Fee’s immediately, if you have not received this please contact us.
  • QML Blood form – sometimes it is a requirement that you have a Full Blood Count, Group & Hold the day before surgery. This is not a fasting blood test. If your surgery is on the Monday morning then you can do this on Saturday morning.
  • Patient Information – In most cases we can provide you with patient information on your surgery, please ask if you require further information.  The doctor will usually provide this to you.

Once all information is received your surgery is then confirmed. The hospital will contact you the day before your admission as this is when they do the health fund check’s to determine any level of excess you might have on your health insurance policy. For patient’s whom do not have private health insurance and are self funding you should enquire immediately to the hospital to determine the cost for the hospital stay.

Operating Locations

Dr Archna Saraswat

  • North West Private Hospital
  • Caboolture Private Hospital

Dr Liana Tanda

  • North West Private Hospital

Dr Caroline Wewengkang

  • Caboolture Private Hospital
  • North West Private Hospital

Effective treatment

Consultation with a medical professional might result in a recommendation to commence oral hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that works to alleviate or reduce menopausal symptoms. This therapy does come with its own set of side effects so the decision to commence should not be taken lightly.

Northside Gynaecology also offer the revolutionary MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser therapy which is a non-invasive alternative to HRT for the treatment of symptoms related to vaginal atrophy.

It is important to recognise that menopause is nothing to fear, but is a new phase in life all women experience. Being aware of what is to come ensures that when symptoms do present themselves that you are not anxious about the natural changes to your body that are occurring.

If you are starting to experience symptoms commonly known to be associated with the menopausal transition, call 1300 780 138 to discuss your situation. A range of treatment options will be presented and all questions and concerns will be answered in a personalised manner.

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