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Jodie Whitehead


Jodie Whitehead is a valued women’s health nurse at Northside Gynaecology who provides compassionate and holistic care to her patients.

With a Bachelor of Nursing and a Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Jodie has high-quality knowledge and skills, allowing her to meet each patient’s unique needs. She also has wide-reaching experience, working in general practice, family planning, Aboriginal medical care, hospital settings, and now in women’s health. These experiences have equipped her with a well-rounded, holistic perspective of health and well-being.

Jodie’s deep passion for nursing began when a nurse was very kind to her family surrounding the loss of her brother. She is committed to showing this same kindness and support when people need it most.

Choosing to specialise in women’s health was a natural progression for Jodie, inspired by her first visit to a family planning clinic. The non-judgemental and inclusive environment she encountered left a lasting impression, and she works to provide this welcoming atmosphere in her own practice. Jodie believes this is the ideal environment for women seeking support during challenging moments, especially during uncomfortable examinations.

Jodie’s passion for women’s health extends to her interest in the MonaLisa Touch procedure, particularly due to her personal connection as a mature woman. She empathises with the symptoms that come with aging and certain medical conditions, and is committed to helping women regain their self-confidence through MonaLisa Touch.

Key to Jodie’s practice is her dedication to building positive relationships with her patients. She recognises the importance of trust and open communication in healthcare, and achieves this by incorporating humour, kindness, and respect into her interactions with patients.

Jodie Whitehead

Expertise & Special Interests

  • Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Holistic approaches to health care
  • MonaLisa Touch
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