Our top 3 tips on post-menopause sex – Lubrication, Vibration, and Stimulation

  • July 23, 2021
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Our top 3 tips on post-menopause sex – Lubrication, Vibration, and Stimulation

Our top 3 tips on post-menopause sex – Lubrication, Vibration, and Stimulation

There are many reasons why our sexual activity slows down after menopause, but there is no real reason why we shouldn’t still be able to enjoy an active and satisfying sex life.

As the body signals the end of its fertile years, our oestrogen levels decrease, and vaginal dryness and thinning sets it. This process can lead to pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, and when you add familiarity, and a lowered sex drive, the opportunities for sexy time seems to become few and far-between.

Luckily, there are ways and means we can incorporate into our daily routine to ensure we are ready when the opportunity arises.

At the best of times, post-menopausal sex will require a little effort… couples will need to arrange intimate get-togethers, start using lubrication, and rekindle their romance, as they embark on this new journey.

If we take no action, and we leave menopause to take its natural course, it may have a negative impact on our sex life, and in some cases, signal the beginning of the end.

So, if staying sexually active is important to you and your partner, then it is time to rediscover your libido, take immediate action, and master your menopause.

Our top 3 tips to enjoying post-menopausal sex may not the be-all and end-all, but it is a good place to start.

  1. Lubrication

The onset of vaginal atrophy, and the resulting dryness cause pain during sex which is one of many reasons why many women say they stopped having sex. Symptoms may get temporarily alleviated using vaginal moisturisers or water-based lubricants, with the moisturisers normally lasting a little longer. Vaginal atrophy has been traditionally treated with use of vaginal oestrogen which may reinvigorate the vaginal tissue, and increase elasticity, but does come with some side effects.

Revolutionary treatment with MonaLisa Touch (vaginal laser therapy), can be less invasive, longer lasting with fewer side effects, and counters the effects of vaginal atrophy.

  1. Vibration

Regular sexual activity, with, or without a partner can maintain healthy vaginal tissue in menopausal women. So, if your partner is not up to it, there is nothing wrong in keeping yourself satisfied.

The use of a personal vibrator can increase vaginal elasticity and rejuvenation. The increased blood flow to the vagina increases arousal, and helps to increase the flow of oestrogen to the area.

  1. Stimulation

Encourage your partner to play an active role in your physical, mental, and sexual wellbeing. Together you can eat healthy, stay physical, scale down on substances that may affect your performance, and get enough rest.

A supportive partner will make you feel more comfortable in receiving treatment for the menopause symptoms. Treatment can include, hormone replacement therapy, the non-invasive MonaLisa Touch, or they may simply be aware of changes and be supportive to your needs.

Menopause is nothing to fear, it is simply a new phase we are entering, and with the right advice and a supportive ear, we can still enjoy a healthy and vibrant sex life.

For more information about menopause, HRT or the MonaLisa Touch; you can contact the Northside Gynaecology team today at 07 3054 4687.


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