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Which of these pictures do you identify with? 

If you are are a dry desert or a prickly cactus, do not despair. There is help! Talk to our all women team of gynaecologists today about your symptoms and if MonaLisa Touch is the option for you.

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Are you dry?

Vaginal dryness can affect any woman, however it is very common after menopause. Not only can a dry vagina result in pain during sex, but the skin can be more easily damaged. You may experience discomfort at various times throughout your day such as when sitting, exercising or going to the toilet.

Are you itchy, burny or irritated?

As you age, the vaginal walls thin which can lead to constant itchiness, burning sesnsations or irritation and in some cases, bleeding. You may feel like you need to contstantly go to the toilet or experience slight leakage such as when you cough or sneeze.

rate your v cactus
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You’re perfectly lush?

Woohoo! Your vagina is producing natural lubrication to keep it supple and moist. This helps it to be clean and healthy. The following steps help to keep your vagina is this lushous state: be sexually responsible, get vaccinated, do kegel exercises, know your medications, limit the amount of alcohol you drink, and don’t smoke. And if you have concerns, contact us!

We are here to help!

The all women team at Northside Gynaecology help patients by treating symptoms of painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, itchiness, burning, dryness, prolapse and laxity through a number of options including the revolutionary treatment of MonaLisa Touch. 

Book an appointment with us today so that we can discuss with you which option will suit your situation.

MonaLisa Touch

Northside Gynaecology is proud to offer the MonaLisa Touch™ to our patients in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Here at our main rooms at Kedron we see patients each and every week for this new and exciting breakthrough treatment.

MonaLisa Touch™ is a non-invasive alternative to HRT for the treatment of vaginal symptoms common during menopause. The procedure takes around 5-10 minutes and most patients experience a noticeable improvement after after just one treatment. To find out more about this revolutionary treatment, read more on our MonaLisa Touch treatment page.

MonaLisa Touch

How soon can I be booked in?

Please call our staff to book in a time for your consultation so we can get your treatment underway as soon as possible.

MonaLisa Touch treatments are performed on the following days at Kedron:

Dr Archna Saraswat
Tuesday & Friday

Dr Liana Tanda

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