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Adenomyosis vs Endometriosis

With more people becoming aware of, and being diagnosed with, endometriosis, another gynaecological condition has arisen: adenomyosis. These two conditions share similarities in not only their names, but also their symptoms, causing common misdiagnosis. So, let’s dive in and explore the differences between: endometriosis (end-oh-me-tree-oh-sis) and adenomyosis (add-en-oh-my-oh-sis). Difference The main difference between the two […]

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How To Stay Sexually Healthy

Remaining educated on sexual health, and staying sexually healthy, is incredibly important no matter your age, gender, or sexual identity. Sexual health goes beyond sex – it incorporates communication, physical and mental health, masturbation, consent, and contraception. By understanding how all of these aspects help with improving your sexual health, you’ll be sure to have

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