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We've all heard stories about women that have put off seeking help for health conditions. Sometimes we are the ones telling the stories. Our busy lives often mean we place our health low on our priority lists. We can also lean into the social narrative that health conditions are just part of our journey and nothing can be done about it. Here are some stories we've heard:

'I can't go for a run without weeing myself.'

'I'm at the age where I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.'

'My last baby was SO big that I've ended up with a prolapse but the thought of surgery puts me off doing anything about it.'

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  • Share a story (or one you've heard) about how prolapse, urinary incontinence or dryness and pain has impacted how you live.
  • Why did you put up with the condition?
  • What made you seek help (or would make you seek help)?

Help is here!

Here at Northside Gynaecology's Kedron location, we have launched Her Wellness Clinic which treats conditions including prolapse, urinary incontinence, and dryness and pain. This clinic provides tailored health plans for better care. Appointments can be conveniently booked with the pelvic floor physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, MonaLisa Touch nurse and/or a gynaecologist.

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