My Story – Our Future

  • September 17, 2023
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My Story – Our Future

When seeking health care, all women have different experiences and outcomes. While you may feel that your individual experience is only indicative of your personal journey, you’ll likely find that your story links to that of another woman – truly, we’re all in this together. It’s so important that we share our stories (when comfortable) to foster supportive female communities, bring light to injustice and limitations, and inspire change.

We want to pause to thank all individuals who contributed to our ‘My Stories’ form. It takes great courage and vulnerability to share your experience with women’s health, and we are grateful for your bravery and desire to change the narrative. Together, we can work to make heath care accessible, destigmatised, relevant and empowering.

You've spoken, and we've listened.

Living in 2023, in the presence of rapid advances in medical technologies, initiatives and understandings, you'd think women's health care would be equally progressed. However, women are still facing many issues that prevent them from receiving adequate support.

Still, there are cases where we don’t feel heard by family, friends, or medical professionals; our symptoms and experiences are dismissed and deprioritised, bringing confusion and continued pain. Some women find it difficult to find effective treatments. Proper treatments have been hard to find and access, partially due to limited funding for women’s health research, reducing our quality of life for a prolonged period.

Many of us have also adopted the “I can live with it attitude”. Rather than seek guidance and treatment when we have concerns about our health, we ignore or brush-over symptoms to continue with our lives. Around the world, societal gender stereotypes and expectations underpin women prioritising other aspects of life over health care. Furthermore, we have been made to think our painful experiences are “normal” and “part of being a woman”, and are thus hesitant to seek medical attention.

When it comes to women’s health, there’s also much to be done with regard to destigmatisation. Due to the intimate nature of our experiences and symptoms, we often feel awkward, embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing them with healthcare providers.

At Northside Gynaecology, we appreciate the experiences and challenges women face when attempting to access necessary health care, and our understanding of women’s stories drives our passion for confronting issues and providing accessible, compassionate, and research-based health care services:

  • At our Kedron-based Her Wellness Clinic, we have an all-female team. Our team are passionate about quality women’s health care, and actively listen as you discuss your individual symptoms and needs.
  • We prioritise your wellness, and help you learn to do the same. This may include regular sessions at Her Wellness Clinic.
  • At Northside Gynaecology, you are seen by specialists experienced in recognising, diagnosing and treating your symptoms.
  • Our specialists understand the difficulties of talking about intimate health issues, and exude patience and empathy. This is a natural and normal part of seeking treatment, and our team help you continue the conversation.
  • Our treatment options are designed to benefit not only your physical symptoms, but your relationships too. Regaining intimacy in your life may simply come from a MonaLisa Touch.
  • We understand that effective health care is comprehensive and holistic. As such, we provide a wide range of services, including referral-free visits to our physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.
  • Note: we do require a referral for the majority of our services. Insist of a referral to Northside Gynaecology.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, individualised support for women in the Brisbane region. Unfortunately, not all health care experiences are positive at this point in time. As we work to bridge the gap, we love hearing your stories so we can better meet your needs, and cultivate an understanding, informed and empathetic healthcare community.

Contact us today to share your story, receive advice regarding a current challenge, or book an appointment.

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