Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy with Jenny Boyce

  • August 10, 2023
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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy with Jenny Boyce

At Northside Gynecology, our experienced, dedicated pelvic floor physiotherapist, Jenny Boyce, provides high-quality care for women’s health and well-being. For insight into Jenny Boyce’s specialist physiotherapy services, read more below.

What led you to pursue a career in pelvic floor physiotherapy?

I was captivated by the world of women’s health during my undergraduate and early graduate years in the UK, where I had the privilege of working alongside an inspiring women’s health physiotherapist and mentor. This experience fuelled my passion to pursue a career in pelvic floor physiotherapy. For the past 13 years in Brisbane, I have been dedicated to the field of women’s health, both in the public and private healthcare sectors.

Jenny Boyce | Her Wellness Clinic | Northside Gynaecology | Brisbane

Who can benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy, and what conditions or issues do you commonly treat?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy offers benefits to everyone, especially those experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, regardless of the severity or duration of the condition. Common issues I address include:

  • Bladder and bowel concerns.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Sexual dysfunction.

Additionally, I provide antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, as well as pelvic floor rehabilitation before and after gynaecological and colorectal surgeries.

Many individuals suffer silently, but the good news is that most pelvic health conditions can be prevented, cured, or better managed with the right help, even though discussing bladder, bowel, and sexual health can be challenging.

How quickly can patients expect to notice results?

The timeframe for noticing results can vary depending on several factors, but in most cases, patients experience a noticeable difference in a relatively short period. Once progress is made, it becomes a matter of maintenance.

Are there any specific conditions that you have expertise or interest in treating?

While I am passionate about supporting patients throughout all stages of life, I have a particular interest in providing care and support to women during menopause. This stage brings about genitourinary changes that are best addressed sooner rather than later. Additionally, I am highly dedicated to helping patients with persistent pelvic pain issues and sexual dysfunction.

Jenny Boyce | Her Wellness Clinic | Northside Gynaecology | Brisbane

Are there any lifestyle modifications or habits you recommend to patients for pelvic floor health?

In most cases, I prescribe a home exercise program to assist with pelvic floor muscle retraining, whether it involves strengthening, coordination, or relaxation. This program enhances the overall function of the muscles. Furthermore, I provide education and suggest lifestyle changes such as adopting healthy bladder and bowel habits, weight management, and modifications to exercise routines.

For compassionate pelvic floor physiotherapy services, book an appointment with Jenny Boyce at our Kedron-based Her Wellness Clinic!

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